Intermediate Italian January 2019

Dates & Times
Classes start Monday evening, January 7th. We’ll meet on Monday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The course will conclude on March 25th. (10, two hour sessions).

Classes are held near Lincoln and Scottsdale Rd. The address will be sent to students who have started the enrollment process by completing and returning the attached form.

A little information about the class:
Intermediate Italian is structured as a third year Italian class. Much of this course will be devoted to conversation and the development of oral expression. This will be achieved through the discussion of Italian videos and talking points given to students in advance to encourage speaking and conversations among students. Students will also begin a thorough review of all grammar covered in previous courses. An intermediate level text entirely in Italian will be used for this purpose. If you haven’t taken classes with me and would like to enroll, you may first need to take both a written and oral assessment. If you need to schedule this please call me at 480 628-0165.

Cost for the program: $375.00 per student. Payment is due by Thursday, January 3rd. Enrollment closes at 11:00 pm. Don’t delay and run the risk of the class filling up before you enroll. Students must be at least 18 years of age or have permission of the instructor to enroll.

Yabla Website / Text Information:
A membership to the website Yabla will be required for this course. Students may obtain a considerable discount by purchasing a membership through me. The cost is 45.00 and the student’s subscription will be active until November 6th of 2019. This is half the cost of a regular subscription. I need to purchase the subscription on behalf of the student, and the student can reimburse me in order to benefit from the class discount. If you already have a Yabla subscription through me, your current subscription will be active until November 6th of 2019. You can then renew your subscription through me at a discounted rate if you choose to do so.

The text for this course is Nuova Grammatica Pratica della Lingua Italiana by Susanna Nocchi. The text is entirely in Italian. We’ll continue to use this text for any subsequent intermediate Italian courses until we’ve completed the book. I recommend purchasing the text from Applause Learning (linked in the title). If you purchase the book from Amazon you may run into shipping issues as it may be coming from abroad. Other students have had problems.

Course Prerequisites / Requirements
1) If you are currently enrolled in ITA 202, completion of all 202 online Yabla exercises is required prior to enrolling in Intermediate Italian.

2) Registering students who have not studied with me will need to complete an oral and written assessment with me in person.

3) Students are expected to complete both the online and textbook homework for Intermediate Italian. The online Yabla exercises will be checked via my Yabla grade book online. Student preparation is a requirement to be able to enroll in any subsequent courses.

4) The class will be conducted in Italian. Students are expected to speak Italian with me and other students and to ask any questions in Italian. Let’s create a total immersion experience.

5) Payment in full is required for enrollment. Credits aren’t applied from unused portions of courses or private lessons.

How to Enroll
Please read the following steps for enrolling and regarding the refund policy below. Be sure to have read the entire email prior to proceeding with enrollment.

1) Complete and sign the enrollment form attached. Please return it as an attachment in an email. Include your full name, phone number, email, and signature. If you are enrolling a friend or spouse please have that person complete and return an enrollment form as well. A payment request with the address of the class will be sent to students who have already submitted the enrollment form. Students are only enrolled once both the enrollment form and payment have been received. Students will be given the option of paying by Venmo or the service. Both services are safe and free of any fees. If your bank doesn’t participate in the Zellepay service, you can use Venmo. Credit card payments will not be accepted for this class. 

2) Once enrolled, refunds will not be issued, and classes will not be prorated. In the event the class is cancelled due to an insufficient number of students (unlikely), those who have paid will receive a prompt and full refund. Tuition for Intermediate Italian can only be applied to the Intermediate Italian class taught from January to March of 2019. The tuition cannot be used as credit for other future classes or private lessons in the event that a student enrolls in this course and does not attend (regardless of the student’s excuse). Private lesson tuition can’t be applied to enrollment in a group class.

3) Registering students are expected to have read this email in its entirety. Please call me or email me with any questions. My phone number is listed below as well as my website for those looking for more information regarding my services. The enrollment form is attached below.

Enrollment Form

Phone: 480 628-0165