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We have worked out a deal with Yabla to pass on savings to you! If you order Yabla through Davide Valenti, you will receive almost 50% off of the purchase price. Yabla has videos that come with interactive games and exercises that are FUN! It also includes personalized flash cards to help you. Yabla has a video library that spans everything from TV shows, films, music videos, interviews, and documentaries to lessons and original content.

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You can even download the Yabla app on your phone, so you can practice anywhere! Get the iOS App and practice on the go. The mobile app makes it easy to study consistently every day.

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Check Out What Valenti Lingua Students Are Saying:

I really enjoy using Yabla as part of my Italian course with Davide Valenti – and I learn a lot from Yabla TV shows and films.  The vocabulary is very current – and it is the best way to hear day-to-day Italian without being in Italy.   I can slow down the video if there are segments that are hard to understand;  I can listen and see the characters speaking with both Italian and English subtitles – or I can remove either or all the subtitles.   Each Yabla video episode includes extra learning tools with vocabulary drills, as well as multiple choice and fill in the blank exercises of the dialogue.  One of the really interesting extras are the weekly lessons that Yabla sends by email.  Each lesson focuses on a word or a phrase that has a lot of uses and meanings.  One of the most valuable during this pandemic was a  lesson on how to say condolences to people who have lost loved ones.” Pat Ringer

I was introduced to Yabla by my Italian teacher Davide at Valenti Lingua.  In the past, I tried to use Italian TV and on-line videos to practice my Italian listening, but it was frustrating when they speak so fast or the subtitles are not available or don’t match the dialog.  With Yabla there has been a world of difference – I can adjust the speed of the playback, there is a built-in dictionary, and I can use the vocabulary and comprehension quizzes to test myself.  The variety of shows is great!  I’m addicted to Commisario Manara, and there is both formal and informal content with lots of idioms and slang that help me hear how real people speak.  It’s really a great tool and I’ve used it for years – unlike other on-line learning sites that I use for a few weeks and quit.  Highly recommended!” John DiPalma 

Yabla is excellent for Italian language students. I love the various TV programs. The computer interface works well. I highly suggest this method to learn the Italian language.” Dominic Magnoni

“I’ve enjoyed using Yabla for several years. I find it to be very user-friendly with a diverse library of videos, exercises and games that are great aids for learning.  I believe listening to the videos and hearing many different Italian speakers has helped me with my spoken Italian.  I highly recommend Yabla as a valuable tool to help take your Italian language skills to the next level.” Carmela George

Click here to call Davide for your big discount!
Or click here to email Davide!