Valenti Lingua

Our Mission

Valenti Lingua, a Phoenix, Arizona based Italian language school, provides opportunities to learn Italian via private tutoring, online lessons, and group Italian classes, in a positive-student centered environment. The Valenti Lingua Italian School has been offering Italian instruction to the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area since 2000.

I studied Italian with Davide while a Sophomore and Junior in high school (Brophy Prep). I like languages, having studied Spanish in grade school and French all four years of high school. Studying with Davide is the ideal method of learning the language. Although I met with him for only two hours a week, instead of five hours a week for high school French, and although I studied with him for only little more than a year, instead of four years of French, my Italian is better than my French (my SAT score in Italian Junior year was 740).

I went to Italy by myself for a month the summer between my Junior and Senior years to study Italian further at a school in Verona, and was able to communicate with no difficulty, often being mistaken for an Italian. Davide was an excellent teacher, and the sessions with him were a lot of fun. And the one-on-one experience was a nice contrast to the class room teaching of high school.

Jack ‘Giacomo’ Kilgard, Phoenix

Anticipating a once in a lifetime fall trip through Italy I decided to enroll in private Italian lessons. I have always enjoyed other cultures and languages and was very fortunate to have found Davide. Davide is an amazing human being and an extraordinary teacher. He’s a true professional yet always very patient and flexible. I truly benefited from his teaching method and pace and was amused by his sense of humor and charisma. He also taught me plenty of slang by personal request which was really entertaining and fun. After months of taking lessons with Davide, the day finally arrived. Once in Italy, I was able to put in use everything he taught me. From asking for directions to ordering at restaurants, I was able to communicate in Italian in every situation we encountered and enjoy the experience to the fullest.(by the way, wine definitely made my Italian much better). In many occasions, I got compliments by Italians on how good I spoke it. For instance, my Italian got us out of trouble one time when we forgot to validate our train tickets which normally would require a fine of 50 Euro. Thanks to my ability to communicate in Italian, we were able to explain how we did not know about it and got ourselves out of having to pay the fine. I highly recommend Davide, and I am honored to call him my teacher and also my friend.

Dr. Jose G. Fernandez, Mesa / Phoenix