Valenti Lingua

Our Mission

Valenti Lingua is a Phoenix, Arizona based Italian language school. The mission of Valenti Lingua is to provide private Italian instruction and a positive student-centered learning experience to those who wish to learn to speak Italian. Valenti Lingua has been providing private Italian language lessons, Italian tutoring and Italian classes to the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area since 2000.

I studied Italian with Davide while a Sophomore and Junior in high school (Brophy Prep). I like languages, having studied Spanish in grade school and French all four years of high school. Studying with Davide is the ideal method of learning the language. Although I met with him for only two hours a week, instead of five hours a week for high school French, and although I studied with him for only little more than a year, instead of four years of French, my Italian is better than my French (my SAT score in Italian Junior year was 740).

I went to Italy by myself for a month the summer between my Junior and Senior years to study Italian further at a school in Verona, and was able to communicate with no difficulty, often being mistaken for an Italian. Davide was an excellent teacher, and the sessions with him were a lot of fun. And the one-on-one experience was a nice contrast to the class room teaching of high school.

Jack ‘Giacomo’ Kilgard, Phoenix

In preparation for a trip to Italy my husband and I (both in our 60s) decided to take Italian lessons. We had never spoken a word of Italian beyond “ciao” and, as it turns out, we weren’t even pronouncing that properly. We looked for classes but couldn’t find any. Instead, we found Davide’s website and started taking lessons privately with him, twice a week. We are very glad it turned out that way. He tailors the lessons so that they focus on our specific goals – which are to be able to manage as tourists in Italy and to have basic conversations with the people we encounter there – and so that we move at a pace we are comfortable with. It has been a ton of fun. Davide is personable, patient, and has a great sense of humour. Although he is very well organized, he is quite prepared to adapt the lessons to our interests and questions. He is completely fluent and extremely knowledgeable about the language – and about Italian customs. And not only does he have a beautiful Italian accent, but he’s been able to teach us how to approximate it (sort of)! We have no hesitation in recommending Davide to anyone wanting to learn Italian – for whatever reason.

Bob and Kerrie Hale, Scottsdale