Italian Classes & Tutoring

Success in language learning is achieved in many ways, Davide Valenti’s student-centered approach is based on the idea that each person’s unique style of learning is to be valued and respected. Although Davide has extensive classroom experience, his passion is private tutoring. In this setting, he and the student get to know each other well, so lessons are individualized and based on the interests and learning style of each student. With this flexible approach, he and the student work together on all Italian language skills for academic, business, or personal goals.

Davide’s Italian lessons are focused on giving the student the opportunity to learn and speak Italian in a positive environment. Because language is for communication, students are encouraged to try and readily use learned vocabulary and grammar in conversation. Davide’s non-judgmental approach gives the student confidence to do so.

Italian texts, films, music, magazines, short stories, and other media are used to immerse the student in Italian language and culture. These “real world” materials are an excellent way to reinforce vocabulary and grammar, and to improve speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Davide is happy to meet with students in their homes, offices, in a library, bookstore or any other agreed upon location in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Weekly lessons of one or two hours are highly suggested.