Davide strives to help each student exceed their own expectations in the study of the Italian language. See below what some of his students have to say regarding their experience studying with Davide in both the classroom and through private instruction.

I have been taking private lessons with Davide for about 6 months now. I’ve learned more Italian in 6 months than I did for over a year with TakeLessons.com. I’m taking all my classes via Zoom and it works extremely well. Davide used to teach Italian as a professor at the university level so he applies the same structure to my classes. I have a great textbook, plus he gives me other resources I learn from (workbooks to practice different concepts, and an online site called Yabla to learn from videos, online games etc.) It’s extremely comprehensive, which really allows me to get a firm grasp of the language. I’m a single working Mom so my time is limited. Davide pushes me and encourages me which I love! But he’s flexible and doesn’t assign more than I can handle. He’s really fun to work with and such an outstanding teacher. I always look forward to my Friday night sessions with him. His classes are worth every penny. I very highly recommend him!!

Madeline Donovan, Gilbert AZ

I’ve learned so much from Davide in such a short amount of time––he makes the classes fun and thoroughly explains everything. The good thing about Zoom class is that you can take the classes from anywhere; I’m in Philadelphia and in a different time zone but I still make my schedule work around Davide’s classes because they’re worth it. Looking forward to Italian 102 next month!

Sarah Amin, Philadelphia

I have enjoyed taking Italian lessons from Davide for several years. He is very creative in his approach and every class provides me with the tools I need to be successful in my learning. His mastery of the language reinforces concepts that would be difficult to understand in many other settings. He is able to cater his teaching skills for beginners to advanced learners offering a wide range of methods and ideas. He is extremely patient and strives to assist every student meet their goals. Not only is it fun to learn Italian with Davide, it is also proven that learning another language has significant mental benefits. I highly recommend Davide and Valenti Lingua to anyone that wants to learn Italian or improve their existing skills.

Carmela George, Phoenix

Mr. Valenti is the best foreign language teacher I’ve ever had  –and I studied French in grammar school and high school, and studied Italian in college.   He is outstanding at explaining points of grammar that I’ve wondered about since I first studied Italian decades ago. Because he is bilingual (fluent in both English and Italian), he can explain subtle elements of Italian to English-speaking students very accurately. He uses learning materials that reinforce each other and guide students sequentially through grammar concepts, vocabulary and conversation. He also creates new teaching materials like ‘word of the day’ and periodically streams Italian movies (with subtitles) on Zoom for his students. These activities are useful and fun, and they help build camaraderie among his students. 

Importantly, he is patient, encouraging and has a sense of humor – all of which are really important considering how many mistakes I make!    He clearly enjoys teaching Italian.  

Sue Ringer, Scottsdale

Davide does a great job at breaking down the grammar and giving students like me an understanding of this language. I go to Italy quite often and I am attempting to become fluent. I am not there yet but I have no doubts that with Davide’s help, I will get there. I tried to do it myself with . various apps and quite frankly I made little progress. With Davide’s help, I make progress every week.

Rosaria Cain, Phoenix

My skill in speaking Italian has been limited to memorized phrases, often mispronounced. I really wanted to learn to speak Italian PROPERLY. Davide Valenti’s Italian 101 course was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad that I decided to take it. Such a wonderful experience! I say experience because the class was full of stories, laughter and patience! I felt like it was really the beginning of a new adventure and I can’t wait to use what I have learned! Grazie Davide!

Mary Schramm, Scottsdale

I am in my second Italian course in Rome. To my surprise, I was placed in the advanced group after nine months with Davide. The other students in my class are in their third month of total immersion, and thanks to Davide, my grammar and base understanding of the language are stronger than theirs. I am having so much fun, my wife plans on studying with Davide too.

If you want to learn to speak the language, develop an understanding of how the language works, and have fun, Valenti Lingua is your place.

Nicholas Markette, Chandler

I have been taking Italian language classes with Valenti Lingua for a coulple of years now. These classes are by far the best I’ve ever attended, and this cinema class was so much fun. Davide makes learning interesting and fun while focusing on important aspects like grammar and usage.

Spending time once a week in the cinema class over the summer helped to keep the language fresh. Being able to view the films in a group then discuss was also a great way to boost listening skills as well as “thinking on the fly” skills.

Bottom line: Take the cinemal class! or any of Valenti Lingua’s Italian language classes for that matter.

Gina DiMarco, Phoenix

Whether you’re a beginner to Italian or a repeat performer like me, Davide is outstanding at helping you reach your goals.

I started in Davide’s Italian 101 class after a 17-year hiatus from Italian lessons. The group lessons were really fun, engaging and memorable and I was excited to continue on to 102. Due to a scheduling conflict though I switched to private lessons and WOW! Italian lessons just went to a whole new level! Davide provides really good feedback and can tailor the lessons to your specific level and needs. Not only that, he also presents the content in a way I had never experienced before in my prior years of academic study, and I find it super effective. Davide is truly a master of the language and I am really happy with the progress I’ve made in a short amount of time.

Whether you are looking for group classes or private lessons, Davide makes learning Italian enjoyable and rewarding!

Raquel Espinol, Tempe