Davide strives to help each student exceed their own expectations in the study of the Italian language. See below what some of his students have to say regarding their experience studying with Davide in both the classroom and through private instruction.

I have taken Italian 101 and 102 from Davide.  I have had many Italian teachers in my time, American and Italian.  Davide is the best!  He is structured enough to keep learning steady, he provides enough variation to accommodate different styles of learning and to create interest.  And he has a fun sense of humor.  But most importantly, he gets to know his students well, how they learn, how they speak, how to present in a way to move a student over a hurdle without making them feel uncomfortable.
I highly recommend Davide’s courses if you want to learn Italian.

Gayle Civish PhD, Cave Creek

My husband (who can speak southern Italian dialect) and I took the Valenti Lingua Italian 101 course to help us better communicate when visiting relatives in Italy who speak “correct” Italian. The course more than met our expectations and turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences we have ever shared – thanks to a patient and inspiring instructor! Davide’s teaching style is relaxed and engaging – in class, he puts his students at ease, while encouraging them and generating excitement for learning the language – for all levels of students. He is an authentic and passionate promoter of the Italian language – having grown up in an Italian-speaking family/environment, his extensive knowledge of the Italian (and English) language and culture are evident, and his personal experience clearly enhances each lesson. His humor and relational approach to teaching the language was extremely effective for me and my husband – we feel that we’ve learned the basics well enough to read, write and speak enough “correct” Italian to impress our Italian relatives/friends!  This educational experience was so rewarding, I plan to continue to the next course level of study with Davide, with no doubt that I can become conversational in Italian through his instruction.  

If you really are interested in learning this beautiful language, we highly recommend Davide Valenti/Valenti Lingua!

Christine and Vincent LoBianco, Phoenix

The Italian classes I’ve taken with Davide are effective and have truly helped me to understand the Italian language.  I am now entering my 3rd class with Davide, and looking forward to even more immersion and experience with speaking Italian.  The homework and Yabla assignments really push me to want to do my best and incorporate all the language I have learned so far.  I’m looking forward to going back to Italy and using my new skills!  Davide has a teaching style that is easy-going, yet effective for making the labor of learning a new language enjoyable.  He mixes in interesting facts, and modern-day information since he grew up speaking Italian and has spent much of his life in Italian homes. It’s greatly appreciated the care he takes in preparing every lesson, and the attention he provides to every student in the classroom!

Jay Glass, Scottsdale

Let me tell you how pleased I am to have found Davide Valenti and Valenti Lingua.  My husband and I have fallen in love with Italy. We travel there often and have even discussed living there one day.  The language is beautiful, melodic actually, and I needed to learn how to speak it. Having taken IT 101 and 102 with Davide has given me the ability to learn vocabulary, sentence construction, present and past tense, and the ability to converse, read, and ask questions in a relaxed manner that is fun and challenging with a native speaker who is patient, kind and funny! There is homework, a text book and videos so that you can listen, read and review as much as you want to!  I am so thrilled to continue to ITA 103, and I will continue in the Valenti Lingua program as long as I can.

Patty Vaughn, Paradise Valley

I have been learning Italian with Davide for several months, and can highly recommend him if you are serious about learning Italian quickly.  I had been trying to learn Italian since high school with little success.  I tried Rosetta Stone, podcasts, books and classes, but although I could memorize vocabulary and grammar rules, I couldn’t put it all together into a real conversation.  That’s were Davide comes in.  I have been taking weekly one-on-one lessons for several months and can now understand Italian movie dialog, newscasts, read newspapers and magazines, and am able to have basic conversations.  Davide tailored the lessons to my problem areas, sometimes focusing on pronunciation, or grammar or vocabulary.  He assigns homework that is a mix of listening, reading, writing, and memorizing.  We use stories, movies, and textbooks in the lessons, so it isn’t just working through a textbook.  It makes a big difference to have a trained educator and native speaker to track your progress.  Also, I was initially hesitant to sign up for one-on-one lessons because I thought it might be high-pressure or stressful, but these lessons are just the opposite, it is very low-key and relaxed, and Davide is always patient even if he needs to explain the same thing several times.  I am making much more progress than I thought I was capable of, and I’m sure it’s due to Davide’s teaching process.

John DiPalma, North Scottsdale

I have been learning Italian with Davide for about a year now. I’ve learned that certain techniques work better for me than others. One of the good characteristics of Davide is that he understands and listens to what’s not working and what is working. He caters to your style as opposed to being one dimensional and just teaching his way. If I am having difficulty in a certain area Davide is good at finding a way to help me overcome the hurdle and gently push me forward. He tailors the lessons, schedule and homework to my busy work and travel schedule. Davide accommodates my lifestyle. When I’m travelling we’ll often continue our Italian lessons via Skype which works well.

Mike Mastro, Scottsdale

I will preface by saying that I had been wanting to take an Italian language course for several years. There was always a reason I could not take the class. When I discovered Valentilingua, and actually spoke to Davide about taking his class, he gave me the best advice I could have received. “If you really want to learn the Italian language, now is the time to take the class!”

Davide is a wonderful, committed teacher. His love for the language and culture is apparent, and, he has inspired valuable friendships in his class!

In all honesty, it is the best thing I have done for myself (selfishly speaking) in a long time. If you are contemplating, all I can say is take the class. You won’t regret it!

Mary Gardetto, Gilbert

I took Italian language private tutoring lessons with Valenti Lingua for about a year and a half before moving to Italy. To best prepare, I needed to establish a strong foundation and command of the language including hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. Davide was the perfect teacher to help me accomplish this. He is very flexible and accommodating as he tailors his lessons to suit your learning style, preference, and pace. Upon arriving in Italy, I was surprised to be able to communicate naturally and instinctively as a result of the training with Davide – these were incredibly rewarding moments that I thank him for. Regardless of the type of lesson or proficiency level, Davide is a passionate and effective teacher, whose ultimate goal is for his students to successfully learn the language and enjoy the process.


Kristi Ellison, Scottsdale

Traveling to Italy many times, planning a return trip to Sicily in 2019 and listening to my husband speak Italian I wanted to learn the language so I too could communicate when we traveled there together.

I looked for quite awhile for a class that I could enroll in. I even took some private classes meeting at a bookstore with an instructor, but I felt that I wasn’t getting a basic understanding of the language and I felt lost. Then I found Davide’s class.

Davide has a love of the language that becomes apparent your first class. His classes are engaging and the time flies by. He explains grammatical rules and gives examples in terms that a non native speaker can understand. He also uses analogies that put things in perspective for a new student.

I entered his 101 class with very few skills and every week I could see my skills building. The homework assigned is an extension of the class and gives you an opportunity to practice what you are learning. He also connects you to many other resources you can take advantage of. Part of your tuition goes to being enrolled in an online program that exposes you to the Italian language by listening to music, discussions, grammatical lessons and TV clips all in Italian. There is a vocabulary section along with online comprehension questions that correspond to what you are viewing. These exercises are fun to do and
are directly tied into his weekly lessons.

If you have a desire to learn Italian, Davide’s class is as close as you’re going to get to a full immersion of the language. From the time you are in his class you are speaking and hearing Italian. He has a true understanding of the language and encourages questions giving full explanations and examples to help you understand.

I am completing his 102 class and have enrolled in the 103 class that begins in January. I look forward to class every week and I enjoy the work assigned because I see myself understanding more and more and being able to respond to questions asked of me in Italian. I am often amazed and encouraged when my husband asks me a question in Italian and I understand what he is saying and can respond in Italian.

I highly recommend Davide’s class to anyone who has an interest in learning Italian. You will enjoy his class and style of teaching while learning.


Fran DiPiazza, Carefree

If you truly want to learn Italian, Valenti Linqua is the place to be! Davide is passionate in his teaching and love for all things Italian and works tirelessly to provide an upbeat, diverse, and comprehensive curriculum for his students. By utilizing an array of written exercises, social interactions, and multi media activities along with very interactive class sessions, Davide has mastered the art of teaching!

I am now finishing my second Italian class with Davide and am enrolled and excited for a third one. As someone with absolutely no prior knowledge of learning Italian (or any foreign lanquage) I attended the first class meeting with much trepidation and skepticism. These concerns were immediately dispelled by Davide’s welcoming and his encouragement. He has an innate ability to instill confidence in a rewarding learning environment to students of all levels. Classes are motivating and challenging academically but also promote a sense of community and support to insure individual success.

I have found Davide’s Italian classes exceptional and can, with overwhelming and unhesitating enthusiasm, recommend Davide and Valenti Lingua to anyone looking for Italian language instruction.

Mille grazie per l’ottima esperienza, Davide! Te ne sono grata!


Arlene Myers, Scottsdale