John DiPalma, North Scottsdale

I have been learning Italian with Davide for several months, and can highly recommend him if you are serious about learning Italian quickly.  I had been trying to learn Italian since high school with little success.  I tried Rosetta Stone, podcasts, books and classes, but although I could memorize vocabulary and grammar rules, I couldn’t put it all together into a real conversation.  That’s were Davide comes in.  I have been taking weekly one-on-one lessons for several months and can now understand Italian movie dialog, newscasts, read newspapers and magazines, and am able to have basic conversations.  Davide tailored the lessons to my problem areas, sometimes focusing on pronunciation, or grammar or vocabulary.  He assigns homework that is a mix of listening, reading, writing, and memorizing.  We use stories, movies, and textbooks in the lessons, so it isn’t just working through a textbook.  It makes a big difference to have a trained educator and native speaker to track your progress.  Also, I was initially hesitant to sign up for one-on-one lessons because I thought it might be high-pressure or stressful, but these lessons are just the opposite, it is very low-key and relaxed, and Davide is always patient even if he needs to explain the same thing several times.  I am making much more progress than I thought I was capable of, and I’m sure it’s due to Davide’s teaching process.

John DiPalma

Laura Devlin, Phoenix (Ahwatukee)

I grew up speaking Italian but since moving away from my parents and living in AZ for the better part of 15 years my Italian had gotten “rusty”.  So when I was planning my parents 50th wedding anniversary party back East I wanted to brush up on my Italian so I could converse with family back home with ease.  I took individual lessons with Davide and he brought me up to speed very quickly.  He was able to assess my skill level quickly and able to tailor lessons to my ability and challenge me as well.  I would definitely take lessons with him again and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who would like to learn Italian.


Jan Johnson, Phoenix (Ahwatukee)

People who are bi- or multi-lingual have always been a source of fascination to me, of admiration, and yes, of envy.  Some years ago I vowed to learn another language before I leave this earth, or at least to give it my best effort.  One of the greatest payoffs for learning languages is that people who know two or more ways of saying everything have a much higher chance of avoiding Alzheimers than those who don’t.

I chose Italian because of its beautiful musical sound and because I was eager to know what the singers were saying, but I had never taken a language course of any kind until I found myself, somewhat bewilderedly, in Davide’s advanced Italian class.  All of my fellow students had either heard the language in their childhood homes, or taken college courses, or started with the basics under Davide’s tutelage.  Some had even majored in Italian.

In short, my classmates were much further advanced than I, who had no background in the language at all, aside from meager attempts at self-teaching. Certainly I felt inadequate, but any negative emotion was of my own making, because I was never scolded for my many mistakes or belittled in any way. Davide has patience to spare, and I would wholeheartedly endorse his classes and teaching skill, with one caveat. Studying Italian can become addictive, and although we know that there are far worse addictions, be prepared to put aside that latest novel, Netflix, Twitter and Facebook.  Your “spare” time will become study time, and you will love it.

A classmate remarked to me, “You have to have a passion for it.”  Passion for the language was never in short supply for me, and it’s something you will soon share when you become one of Davide’s studenti.

Roberta Morehouse, Chandler

I had been studying Italian on my own for a year or so and had hit a wall. Davide’s small group private classes have been perfect! Anyone who loves all things Italian and wishes to pursue learning the language should sign up for these classes. The small group allows us to practice speaking and listening to Italian as well as learn more advanced grammar. Davide is a very good instructor; he is well prepared, structures the classes, and he has a unique ability to explain the grammar to make it understandable.


Dr. Jose G. Fernandez, Mesa / Phoenix

Anticipating a once in a lifetime fall trip through Italy I decided to enroll in private Italian lessons. I have always enjoyed other cultures and languages and was very fortunate to have found Davide. Davide is an amazing human being and an extraordinary teacher. He’s a true professional yet always very patient and flexible. I truly benefited from his teaching method and pace and was amused by his sense of humor and charisma. He also taught me plenty of slang by personal request which was really entertaining and fun. After months of taking lessons with Davide, the day finally arrived. Once in Italy, I was able to put in use everything he taught me. From asking for directions to ordering at restaurants, I was able to communicate in Italian in every situation we encountered and enjoy the experience to the fullest.(by the way, wine definitely made my Italian much better). In many occasions, I got compliments by Italians on how good I spoke it. For instance, my Italian got us out of trouble one time when we forgot to validate our train tickets which normally would require a fine of 50 Euro. Thanks to my ability to communicate in Italian, we were able to explain how we did not know about it and got ourselves out of having to pay the fine. I highly recommend Davide, and I am honored to call him my teacher and also my friend.

Bob and Kerrie Hale, Scottsdale

In preparation for a trip to Italy my husband and I (both in our 60s) decided to take Italian lessons. We had never spoken a word of Italian beyond “ciao” and, as it turns out, we weren’t even pronouncing that properly. We looked for classes but couldn’t find any. Instead, we found Davide’s website and started taking lessons privately with him, twice a week. We are very glad it turned out that way. He tailors the lessons so that they focus on our specific goals – which are to be able to manage as tourists in Italy and to have basic conversations with the people we encounter there – and so that we move at a pace we are comfortable with. It has been a ton of fun. Davide is personable, patient, and has a great sense of humour. Although he is very well organized, he is quite prepared to adapt the lessons to our interests and questions. He is completely fluent and extremely knowledgeable about the language – and about Italian customs. And not only does he have a beautiful Italian accent, but he’s been able to teach us how to approximate it (sort of)! We have no hesitation in recommending Davide to anyone wanting to learn Italian – for whatever reason.

Dave Fazio, Chandler

I have taken Italian lessons from Davide Valenti a couple of different times. He is a great teacher who knows his material very well. On my last trip to Italy, I was able to speak in Italian about 80% of the time. I love his new online material like “Parola del Giorno.”

Anne Marguerite Shousha, Chandler

After returning from my fourth trip to beautiful Italy last May, I decided it was time to learn to speak Italian and be able to communicate with my Italian friends. Later that same month, I enrolled in the Scottsdale Community College and Davide was the instructor.  After the summer semester finished, I enrolled in private lessons with him because of his excellence in teaching.  He makes each class a joy to attend. He has a great sense of humor and a charming personality.  He is always patient with me even though I was a complete beginner who was learning from ground zero.  He continues to challenge me and truly desires for each of his students to learn this beautiful language which he so enthusiastically loves.  Davide knows how to teach and is very clear with his explanations and examples.  I do desire to sound like a native Italian speaker but have struggled with pronunciation which is one of the great assets of Davide who has a flawless pronunciation. With Davide’s critiques, my pronunciation has greatly improved.  I am now looking forward to my next visit to Italy to try out my Italian.  As a new language learner, I deeply thank Davide for his skillful teaching and infinite patience with me and I highly recommend him for anyone who has a desire to learn Italian. He is both a talented instructor and a wonderful person!

Nick Motta, Scottsdale

I’ve wanted to learn Italian for a number of years now. Two years ago I purchased Rosetta Stone. I used their program, but I wasn’t able to engage in a conversation. I decided to look for a private Italian teacher online. I hired a native speaker from Italy. She was very nice but seemed to lack the teaching skills necessary to explain the grammar to me. As a former teacher myself, I was able to recognize this. I was a bit discouraged, but I thought I’d try going the private tutor route once more as I did not want to take a class. I wanted private lessons.

I then found Davide’s information online. He seemed very qualified so I gave him a call, and we began meeting weekly for private lessons. It is very convenient for me as Davide comes to my home in Scottsdale. Davide is patient and helps keeps me accountable. Most of all he is a great teacher. He seems to know intuitively when I am struggling with an aspect of Italian grammar. He then explains it differently and by giving me more examples. It has been a year now, and I can speak Italian. My Italian isn’t perfect, but I can carry on a conversation in Italian. I’ve been to Italy with my family last summer, and we have met some distant relatives with whom we have established a great friendship. My trip made me realize how much I have learned. On a few occasions I was complimented for speaking Italian well. They were even impressed with my Italian grammar. This experience was a real confidence booster for me. While I have worked hard at my efforts to learn to speak Italian, I have to thank Davide for helping me achieve this goal.

I enthusiastically recommend Davide to anyone who wishes to learn Italian.

AJ Morris – Chicago Cubs Pitcher

I’ve been teaching myself Italian for about a year before coming to Phoenix but wasn’t where I wanted to be. I searched for tutors that could help me further my learning when I stumbled across Davide.  I can’t say enough for what he has done for my Italian.  He is always pushing me to get better and I think of him as a coach.  He is patient and very knowledgeable but best of all has the ability to explain things that open your eyes when books cannot. I personally would recommend Davide to anyone who needs help at any level in Italian.