I had been studying Italian on my own for years. I tried free online aps and purchased the premier language learning program. I bought books, CDs, even text books. But in every case, no matter how I tried, it seemed that I only got so far before I hit a brick wall. I knew a little vocabulary and some canned phrases but I really didn’t feel like I understood the language.

Since then, I have taken both Italian 101 and private lessons from Davide Valenti of Valenti Lingua and I finally feel like I am making real progress. His Italian 101 group class is a good introduction to the Italian language. I was finally able to truly understand the basics of the language. I even became comfortable speaking Italian in class.

The private lessons also filled a need. We could really focus on pronunciation and address any areas where I needed some extra help. Davide has a real grasp for how people learn a language. He is helpful and funny too! I highly recommend his instruction to everyone! Personally – I am looking forward to taking Italian 102.

Anita King, Scottsdale