Valenti Lingua

The Italian School of Arizona

Italian classes are provided by Valenti Lingua, a Phoenix, Arizona based Italian language school year round.  Valenti Lingua offers opportunities to learn to speak Italian via Italian classes, private Italian lessons, and online Italian tutoring, in a positive-student centered environment. The Valenti Lingua Italian School has been offering Italian classes at all levels to the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas since 2000. 

The number one reason to study with Davide is that the classes are accessible to adult learners who have competing demands on their time. Unlike traditional college classes, Davide’s classes are one weekday evening per week and held over Zoom, so I can participate from anywhere. On the rare occasion when I have to miss a class, Davide has a recording of my live class that I can watch over the weekend. The pace and workload are very manageable for students engaged in full-time, or even more than full-time, employment. I wouldn’t be able to learn Italian if I had to take college classes. Davide enables me to learn the language of my ancestors.

Michael Vincent, Phoenix, Arizona

I began meeting with Davide four years ago for private tutoring lessons after completing two years of Italian at Scottsdale Community College. I study Italian because it provides me with a challenge unrelated to my everyday job of practicing law. It forces me to utilize parts of my brain that otherwise would become stagnate. Working one on one with Davide requires me to truly learn the language. Unlike in a classroom setting, there is no other student you can hide behind nor can you pray that you won’t be called on in class because you are the class.

What I especially enjoy about my weekly lessons is that I have no special skill with languages. Every session compels me to study long and hard and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I avoid making a total fool of myself.

Davide is an extremely skilled tutor and I especially appreciate that Davide grew up speaking Italian and therefore speaks it naturally. I intend on studying with Davide until I become completely fluent in Italian.

Randy Nussbaum, Scottsdale, Arizona