"City of Venice, Italy at sunset used for Italian language classes at Valenti Lingua."

Valenti Lingua Italian School

Italian Language Classes

Although we are based in Phoenix, Arizona, at Valenti Lingua we believe that Italian language classes should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you are located. That’s why we are excited to offer our high-quality Italian language courses online nationwide via Zoom. Whether you’re in the hustle and bustle of a big city or nestled in a small town, you can now join our immersive language learning experience from the comfort of your own home.

We offer group classes and private Italian language lessons year round, in a friendly, positive student-centered environment. We have been teaching the Italian language for 25 years. Beginning, Intermediate and advanced courses are available, and schedules are flexible. If you’re new here, visit our “La Parola del Giorno” (Word of the Day) posts or read some of the testimonials from other students!

One of the great things about learning the Italian language at Valenti Lingua is the community, because your instructor has a passion for the Italian language, and it’s contagious! Valenti Lingua students end up with that same passion for all things Italian!

For beginners we’ve added an easy online payment option for our Italian 101 class that will be active soon! Join us at the Valenti Lingua Italian School and embark on a language learning journey that will open doors to new opportunities, connect you with a vibrant community, and deepen your appreciation for Italian culture. Enroll today and let the beauty of the Italian language come to life in your own home.

I’m a retired pediatric anesthesiologist wanting to learn Italian to communicate with our granddaughter who is bilingual English-Italian and for our upcoming trip to Italy. Davide Valenti is exceptional! His materials are plentiful and forthcoming, making learning easy. He is so interesting retelling stories of growing up in Sicily as we practice difficult grammar, rules of the language and conjugations. This is my first virtual Zoom class and he made it seem like my classmates and I were actually sitting in his living room with him. I can’t say enough about Davide’s excellent offering as a teacher, and great man to spend your time with. I’m looking forward to our next class together! Thank you Professor Valenti!

Lisa Dado MD, Phoenix, Arizona

I began meeting with Davide four years ago for private Italian lessons after completing two years of Italian at Scottsdale Community College. I study Italian because it provides me with a challenge unrelated to my everyday job of practicing law. It forces me to utilize parts of my brain that otherwise would become stagnate. Working one on one with Davide requires me to truly learn the language. Unlike in a classroom setting, there is no other student you can hide behind nor can you pray that you won’t be called on in class because you are the class.

What I especially enjoy about my weekly Italian lessons is that I have no special skill with languages. Every session compels me to study long and hard and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I avoid making a total fool of myself.

Davide is an extremely skilled teacher and I especially appreciate that Davide grew up speaking Italian and therefore speaks it naturally. I intend on studying with Davide until I become completely fluent in Italian.

Randy Nussbaum, Scottsdale, Arizona