Traveling to Italy many times, planning a return trip to Sicily in 2019 and listening to my husband speak Italian I wanted to learn the language so I too could communicate when we traveled there together.

I looked for quite awhile for a class that I could enroll in. I even took some private classes meeting at a bookstore with an instructor, but I felt that I wasn’t getting a basic understanding of the language and I felt lost. Then I found Davide’s class.

Davide has a love of the language that becomes apparent your first class. His classes are engaging and the time flies by. He explains grammatical rules and gives examples in terms that a non native speaker can understand. He also uses analogies that put things in perspective for a new student.

I entered his 101 class with very few skills and every week I could see my skills building. The homework assigned is an extension of the class and gives you an opportunity to practice what you are learning. He also connects you to many other resources you can take advantage of. Part of your tuition goes to being enrolled in an online program that exposes you to the Italian language by listening to music, discussions, grammatical lessons and TV clips all in Italian. There is a vocabulary section along with online comprehension questions that correspond to what you are viewing. These exercises are fun to do and
are directly tied into his weekly lessons.

If you have a desire to learn Italian, Davide’s class is as close as you’re going to get to a full immersion of the language. From the time you are in his class you are speaking and hearing Italian. He has a true understanding of the language and encourages questions giving full explanations and examples to help you understand.

I am completing his 102 class and have enrolled in the 103 class that begins in January. I look forward to class every week and I enjoy the work assigned because I see myself understanding more and more and being able to respond to questions asked of me in Italian. I am often amazed and encouraged when my husband asks me a question in Italian and I understand what he is saying and can respond in Italian.

I highly recommend Davide’s class to anyone who has an interest in learning Italian. You will enjoy his class and style of teaching while learning.


Fran DiPiazza, Carefree